FOXGEAR - SQUEEZE (Gilmourish Compressor)

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Great optical compressors are noted for their organic responsiveness and smooth horizontal feel. The Squeeze is no exception.

The Squeeze optical compressor offers a superb compression in a very easy-to-use package. Just set the compression ratio and output volume. The Squeeze will respect your base tone while giving you a deliciously sustained compression. Those just becoming familiar with the Foxgear line will recognize a trend. We don’t appreciate unwanted noise in the audio signal. The Squeeze is completely transparent and quiet. Appropriate for guitar or bass, the Squeeze will give you the compressed leveling and sustain you need.


Power In 9 to 12VDC (negative TIP)
Consumption at 9V <100mA
Input Impedance <=1M Ohm
Output Impedance <=10K Ohm
Comp Ratio 1:1 to limiter
Distortion max 2%THD
Width 60mm. (2,3”)
Length 120mm. (4,7”)
Height 30mm. (1,1”)
Weight 0,2Kg. (0,4lbs)





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