Returns & Warranty

Warranty on Faulty/Defective Products

All products that are purchased from My Guitar Shop SA come with a 6 month warranty against manufacturer faults or defects. This warranty period is valid for 6 months from the date that the product was purchased from My Guitar Shop SA. Certain manufacturers/suppliers may offer extended warranties or guarantees which are longer than the 6 month period, so please check the documentation that comes with your product or the website of the manufacturer to see if it qualifies for an extended warranty.  

This warranty policy only applies if the product is showing a genuine factory or manufacture fault/defect and does not apply to second hand items that were not purchased directly from My Guitar Shop SA. Should we find that the fault has arisen from negligence or wrongdoing on the customer's behalf or any other reason besides a manufacturer defect, My Guitar Shop SA will unfortunately not be able to warranty the said item.  

Fault/Negligence on behalf of the customer and other reasons besides manufacturer defect may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Damage as a result of using an incorrect power supply/source to power the product
  • Damage as a result of using products contrary to their instruction manuals 
  • Damage caused by lightning or power surges
  • Damage caused by misuse or abuse to the goods
  • Damage from dropping the product/item 
  • Damage as a result of normal wear and tear/usage


Should you find that a product becomes faulty within the 12 month warranty period due to a genuine manufacturer fault, please contact us as soon as possible via email:

We will then contact the manufacturer/supplier to arrange a warranty claim and replacement of the original product. The time that it takes to actually receive a replacement from the supplier may vary but if My Guitar Shop SA has stock on hand of the exact product, we will immediately replace the faulty one with a new one for the customer.  

Returning Faulty/Defective Products within 30 Days

If a product becomes faulty within 30 days from the date that the product was purchased from My Guitar Shop SA, the customer may be eligible for a full refund or exchange. This is dependent on the nature of the particular defect that the product is showing. My Guitar Shop SA will cover the cost of collecting the defective product, as well as arranging delivery of the new product should the customer want an exchange. 

Returning/Exchanging Unwanted Products 


 Returning Incorrect or Damaged Items



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