FOXGEAR - MultiTune (Polyphonic Tuner)

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After many late head-scratching nights and many extra-large espressos, we’ve finally taken a dream to fruition with the Foxgear Multitune.

The Foxgear Multitune is, without a doubt, the best tuner on the market today and the only existing Polyphonic tuner able to work in polyphonic mode with any open tunings. We used a powerful DSP by AnalogDevices instead of common MCU like other competitors, to have the highest computing power available to run our note detection software and a digital compressor that allows you to perfectly tune every single note just by gently striking the strings only one time, Multitune will give you enough time to perfectly adjust the tuning with amazing accuracy. The Multitune is destined to be the first choice in chromatic/polyphonic tuning. 

The Multitune boasts relay assisted true-bypass circuitry with zero effect on your clean signal. With the bypass on, the audio path (100% Analog) is muted and is automatically placed in either chromatic or polyphonic mode, depending on whether you strike one string or all strings simultaneously. The Multitune is standard tuned at A4=440hz, and there is just one switch… simple! Just engage the foot switch and check your tuning. The Multitune features a small footprint, top-loading jack configurations, super bright and large display suitable for any lighting situation and true bypass with gold pin relays. 

The Multitune by Foxgear operates on 9-12v, draining less than 100mA, suitable for stringed instruments in the range of A0 to C8. Oh… and last but not least, it is a true beauty. 

  • Super simple, small size, top jack configuration

  • Super big and bright display

  • High power processor, super accuracy and easy-to-use

  • Both Chromatic or Polyphonic mode

  • Relay assisted True bypass, 100% analog signal and 0 effect on your clean tone

  • Foxgear quality components and 5 year warranty






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