Caline CP-70 "High Chief" Dual Overdrive

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The CP-70 "High Chief" Dual Overdrive is Caline's take on a famous pedal considered to be royalty by gear heads and collectors. The famous Analogman King of Tone pedal. 

Get some amazing clean boost and overdrive effects in one pedal. It can be operated individually or simultaneously for more of an aggressive tone. This pedal has tons of versatility when using the boost / overdrive in combination, especially when manipulating the knobs at the same time. 

It's very transparent and doesn't actually change your core tone too much. If you just want everything to remain the same, but want more drive and a few other small tweaks, then it's the prefect pedal for you. The perfect transparent overdrive in both versions of low gain stages combined into one unit.


  • 1. True Bypass design, with sturdy aluminum alloy casing
  • 2. Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative
  • 3. Current consumption: 50mA
  • 4. Product Dimensions: 11.9x9.4x3.8cm
  • 5. Weight:0.35kg


Customer Reviews

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Has become my No.1 drive pedal

This is just a great sounding low-medium drive pedal from Caline...while not as versatile as the Analogman King of Tone, it's easily around 1/4 of its price and without a 4 year waiting the pros are obvious.

In my humble opinion this is Calines best pedal, bar none, and I was pleasantly surprised by the bright bluesbreaker type tone from the drive side of the is a very transparent drive, with all knobs at 12 o' clock, it's as if your guitar tone is just driving your amp to the edge of breakup...I leave the drive side at 3/4 maxed and adjust level accordingly though for what I play and it has a really nice crunch at higher gain levels,the boost side can be left all maxed for a great cleanish boost, and together they're great, pushing the signal from boost into the drive , I use the pedal mainly with single coils, sometimes as a clean boost, or a bluesy drive with the drive side alone and then together for that Marshall type crunch and thicker gain...more so with Humbuckers. I use this in conjunction with a Boss/JHS Angry Driver and feel they have all my drive sounds covered...

Surprised to say that this sleeper pedal has quietly become my No.1 drive pedal and is a mainstay on any pedal board from now the colour scheme and green LED lit knobs as well...I may actually order a few more! 5 Star plus considering value for money! It sounds stellar with a Strat and cleanish amp! 5 Star service as well from the store owner, answered all queries and doubts I may have had!



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