Caline CP-12 Pure Sky Overdrive

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The Caline CP-12 Pure Sky Overdrive Pedal is a versatile and transparent overdrive pedal designed to add warmth, clarity, and a touch of tube-like saturation to your guitar tone. Whether you're looking to push your amp into natural overdrive or want to add some grit and character to your clean sound, this pedal delivers a wide range of smooth and dynamic overdrive tones.

With its simple yet effective controls, the Pure Sky allows you to shape your overdriven sound to suit your musical preferences. The Gain knob adjusts the amount of overdrive, from a subtle boost to a more saturated and driven tone. The Treble and Bass knobs enable you to dial in the perfect amount of brightness or warmth, while the Volume knob controls the overall output level.

What sets the Caline Pure Sky apart is its ability to retain the natural character of your guitar and amplifier. It doesn't color or mask your tone but rather enhances it with a rich and harmonically pleasing overdrive. This transparency makes it an excellent choice for players who want to preserve the unique qualities of their instruments and amplifiers while adding a touch of drive.

Built with robust construction and high-quality components, the Caline Pure Sky is designed to withstand live performances and studio sessions. Its compact size makes it pedalboard-friendly, and the true bypass feature ensures that your tone remains unaltered when the pedal is switched off.

Whether you're playing blues, rock, or any genre that benefits from a touch of overdrive, the Caline Pure Sky Overdrive Pedal is a reliable and versatile tool to add warmth, clarity, and musicality to your guitar tone. Its transparent and responsive nature allows your playing dynamics to shine through while delivering a smooth and satisfying overdrive that will inspire your creativity and elevate your performance.


  • 1. True bypass
  • 2. Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative 
  • 3. Current consumption: 30mA
  • 4. Product Dimensions: 11.2x6.4x3.4cm
  • 5. Weight:0.23kgs



Customer Reviews

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Caline Pure sky OD

It might be the cheapest caline pedal here , but it sounds beautiful. I'm using it for blues rock and as a boost for metal , it can be really transparent and you can hear all the notes, would recommend

Henco nel
Pure Sky OD

Very versatile OD pedal with wide range of overdrive and bass/treble control allows to dial in a pricise tone

Hands down the best overdrive

Absolutely massive tone - the gain sounds great and the EQ is stellar. I actually use the pedal with just the EQ engaged (gain at 0) to make just about anything 100x bigger and brighter. LOVE this pedal.



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