Caline G013 Killer Shark Boost

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The Killer Shark Boost is a traditional boost pedal with some extra snap in its jaws! This impressive boost allows dynamic control over your signal at the click of a button, with enough volume on tap to blast any amp into overdrive!

The G013 features a Master volume control to slam the front-end of your amp, and the Gain and Tone controls allow you to fine-tune your signal to stack perfectly with other drives. Use this powerful Boost right at the start of your signal chain to bring out the character of your other pedals, or place it before your amp to add the volume you need to cut through any mix as a traditional solo boost! 

Caline’s G-series pedals are all powered by 9V center-negative power supplies, and feature metal mini-enclosures with high-quality, textured control knobs, and awesome graphics!

Brand: Caline

Model: G013

Controls: Master, Gain, Tone

Bypass: True Bypass

Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative (no batteries)

Current Consumption: 50mA





Customer Reviews

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More OD than Boost

It feels more like a classic OD with different EQ than Boost, but is very usable.
With the tone at 12 it makes things bright, good for neck pickup but a bit too bright for bridge pickup.
it can be used to 'level' a darker tone or push a clean/ish/er channel/patch
With the level at 12 and no-drive the signal is lower than what it takes, increase the gain or the output and starts working.
It doesn't feel cheap,is quiet, looks solid, the art work makes it a bit silly or childish but I guess that was the idea.



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