Caline CP-09 Tuner/Power Supply

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The Caline CP-09 Tuner-Power may not serve up any bizarre, mind bending guitar effects, but it can serve as the literal heart of any pedalboard rig by acting as both a tuner and a power supply device.

In Tuner mode, you get a sensitive and stable chromatic tuner with an easy-to-see LED display. Switch it to Power mode and you can power up to six standard 100mA effects pedals and up to two 500ma power guzzlers. An excellent little combo unit at a great price!


  • "2 in 1" - Tuner + Power Supply Unit
  • Full 5 Color LED Display
  • Tuning Options: Chromatic
  • Output Mute when Tuner Mode is On
  • 6 x 9V/DC Outputs (100mA)
  • 2 x 9V/DC Outputs (500mA)
  • Short Circuit/Overcurrent Protected (Not Isolated)

    What's in the package:
    • 1 x CP-09 Tuner/Power Supply
    • 1 x 18V DC Power Adapter
    • 8 x DC power cables with 1 converter cable
    • User Manual

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Dawid Brits
    Great Service!

    Received great service from MyGuitarShop.

    The Tuner and Power supply works beautifully! Love it to death.

    Henco nel

    Good consistant power delivered to other pedals. Easy to use and accurate tuner

    Phlippie Bosman

    I was worried, because the pictures didn't explicitly show it, that there wouldn't be cables and/or a power plug for this unit, but it comes with everything you need. It is actually wild how many outputs this unit has - it has 6x100mA outputs, and 2x500mA.



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