Caline CP-04 Power Supply with USB Port

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The Caline CP-04 Power Supply is one of the newer additions to the Caline power supply family and just like the rest of them, it provides incredible versatility and amazing value for money.

The CP-04 is very similar in design to the extremely popular CP-05 Power Supply, but with a few added features. The first thing you'll notice is the awesome artwork on the front of the unit, so not only does it work well, but it looks super cool as well. A few more higher current 9V outlets as well as a 300mA 12V outlet gives you a really solid range of power options for pretty much whatever your power requirements may be. It also has a USB port which can be really handy if you need to charge your phone/any other device. 

The CP-04 still offers the same short circuit/overcurrent protection that the other Caline PSUs have - so if one of the outlets were to short or your pedal draws more power that what the outlet can provide, it won't affect the function of any of your other pedals. When instantaneous over current occurs on that outlet, the corresponding LED light would be flashing and the currents will go to its limit.
Features & Specifications: 

Input Power: 18V 1A

Outlet 1-4:   9V @ 100mA
Outlet 5-7:   9V @ 300mA
Outlet 8:      9V @ 500mA
Outlet 9:      12V @300mA
Outlet 10:    18V @ 100mA

USB Port for charging iphone, ipad, mobile phone.
Package Included:
1 x Caline CP-04 Power supply 
1 x 18V Power Adapter 
10 x Pedal power cables 
2 x Connection cables 
1 x User manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Darshik Garach
Fantastic Power Supply that fits in Caline Pedal Board

Great power supply that fits in the board perfectly. Pedals have no noise and work way better than before. Easy to connect and great service from Daniel as always. Thanks.

Marius Nel
Great advise and service.

Helpfull and very friendly. Received my order next day.

Francois van Vuuren
Exceptional service!

Super fast service and great quality product!! Highly recommended!!



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