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As far as rock music is concerned, the 70s was one of the most magical and influential eras. Many great bands that inspired people to first pick up the guitar hailed from this legendary time of big overdriven tube amps and saturated fuzzy lead. One pedal rose above the rest, adapting to meet the needs of practically any genre of rock, from classic to metal.

The BillyGoats Muff is a boutique muff style distortion pedal. Compiled from the finest components sourced from renowned European suppliers and fitted with a specially designed relay controlled buffered bypass, the BillyGoats Muff plays very well with other effects pedals to allow you the freedom to truly create your own tone. Ranging from dark and mysterious to bright and punchy, the tone control on this stomp box is extremely versatile and precise. Any drive you like can be dialed in easily, and thanks to its built in mid boost circuit, ‘in your face’ solos are just a switch away.

Controls: Drive, Tone, Volume, Mid Boost switch, Bypass footswitch
Power Supply: 12V DC Power Adapter
Dimensions: 98(L) x 40/30(H:Top/Bottom) x 125(W) mm



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