Caline CP-206 Power Supply

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The Caline CP-206 power supply has 12 outputs with a range of power options that will satisfy the needs of almost any pedal board. A great option for those larger pedalboards and guitarists with more complex pedal chains who want plenty of outputs and a variety of power options. 

Even with the amount of power options on offer, the CP-206 still boasts an incredibly slim and modern design to save space on your pedalboard and look good while getting the job done. 

6 x 9V DC @ 100mA
2 x 9V DC @ 300mA
2 x 9V DC @ 500mA
1 x 12V DC @ 300mA
1 x 18V DC @ 300mA
Input:18V 1.5A 
Power: 18W

The Circuit has anti-ground noise and anti-interference treatment to give you a 100% clear sound.

Each output is independent and short circuit protected which is indicated by the LED lights. When the power supply is plugged in, the lights of each output will be on. If a circuit failure occurs in one of the outputs, the light of that particular output will go out.
The 5V 2A USB port is ideal for charging cell phones or tablets. 


Customer Reviews

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Craig Fouché
Happy Caline CP-206 Power Supply Customer

I am very happy with the product and may consider a second unit. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Excellent customer service as well. Currently running nine pedals off of the unit with no noise whatsoever.

Great Power Supply

Great power supply with sturdy design, at great price.

Currently, have eight pedals in my chain (including three gain-based effects), and had quite a bit of signal noise with old supply.

I haven't had any nasty noise problems since I plugged this baby in! Fully isolated outputs (not a glorified daisy chain). Very happy with this power supply!



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