Caline - CP-203 Transparent Power Supply

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Introducing the Caline CP-203 Transparent Multi DC Power Supply. Very similar to its bigger brother, the CP-202, it also offers a visual sense of class and clear indication of power. It has 8 separate isolated outputs for powering a variety of different effects. 

The 2 adjustable Output Jack Sockets (A and B) give you the ability and versatility to select different output voltages for whatever your pedal power requirements may be. 

Output A is adjustable between 9V/12V/18V.
Output B is adjustable between 9V/12V/15V.

The circuit has anti-ground noise and anti-interference treatment to give you a 100% clear sound from your effect units. Each isolated output has short-circuit protection which is clearly indicated by the LED lights of the transparent DC jack socket at the front of the unit. 


  • Output A adjustable 9V/12V/18V DC @ 100mA
  • Output B adjustable 9V/12V/15V DC @ 500mA
  • 2 x 9V DC @ 300mA
  • 4 x 9V DC @ 100mA
  • Input: 18V 1A
  • Power: 18W
  • Item Weight: 0.32kg 
  • Item Size:14x6.9x3cm 
  • Package weight: 1.15kg                                             
  • Package Size: 19.1x9x7.8cm       


Package includes:

1 x CP-203 Power supply
8 x Pedal cables
1 x 18V 1A Power Adapter
2 x Polarity reversal cables
1 x User manual

Customer Reviews

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Christiaan Schutte
Excellent service and product!

This power supply serves my purposes as well as having a lot of expandability for future pedal additions! Quiet, with plenty of cabling included for hooking up pedals. 10/10

Renier Burger
Great Value and Versatility!

A fantastic power supply unit. Compact, versatile and great value for money. Thanks to the 2 switchable voltage ports and the variety of power output options they offer - I can slap just about any type of pedal on my board without worrying about the power requirements of "that odd pedal" that needs a little more juice than the others. The best part for me is that should you only require power for the standard 9V pedals - you can run 8 of them simultaneously by only keeping the 2 switchable ports to the standard 9 volt setting. A lot of units do not offer the same versatility at even double or triple the price. Very happy with my Caline CP-203!! Purchased recently but the quality seems great too!



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